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Download Free Phpld Template

Welcome to Free Phpld Templates downloads Zone. We have been using phpld directory script for over a year now and have been working to provide quality "free templates" for phpld* directory owner. We purchase templates from the web and code them to provide something unique and different for all the directory sites using Phpld.If you do not find something appropriate for your site, we provide services to code/convert your existing website into directory.We have worked with Phpld, Esyndicate templates and have gained lots of experience in coding directory templates.

We also provide premium phpld templates which ensures that you will be the only one using the template for your directory. We sell our premium templates only ONCE.

If you are interested in advertising on our free templates we provide for downloads or want to Hire Us for Professional Template Coding , HTML coding etc. , please use our Contact Form.

Latest Entry:

Demo 3-Soothing-Blue is for version 2.0 is now available for download from our Forums . We have tested the site with Opera,FF2 , and IE6 and everything is in order.

To Check its Live Demo Visit : Free PHPLD Templates Live Demo v. 3

Sponsored By : Monster Directory Sponsor link will be left at the bottom beside the copyright and users removing the link without payment will face legal action.

Release Date : Jan 23,2007

DOWNLOAD HERE : PHPLD Version Compatibility : 2.0

DOWNLOAD for PHPLD Version 3.1 HERE : Comptaible with Phpld 3.1


Latest Client Site

Here is one of our clients site coded for Version 2.1 of PHPLD Directory.

Completion Date : Jan 27,2007.

Start Date : Jan 27,2007.

Client Testimonial : "I had a few psd files coded for phpld templates by paidhosting(that would be my Id) and I am very satisfied with his quick work and the beautiful end result of my templates, also very affordable for us who have a small budget to work with. All my templates will be done by him now." Bronzy. Original Post Here




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